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What is meditation?  Find out using the guided meditation and relaxation techniques used in Dorothy Allemang's meditation cd















"Soon after purchasing your Meditation CD, I experienced a very painful and difficult time in my life.  Once that I was not at all prepared for.  While I was extremely shocked and numb, I knew I needed clarity along with forgiveness to those involved and for myself.  All four meditations are wonderful.  "Crystal Heart" has really allowed me with forgiveness and "Grove of Wisdom" has helped bring me clarity.  These two meditations I listen to on a daily basis.  I need to let you and everyone else who reads this testimonial know that I would not be on this amazing road to recovery without your CD, so for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Jennifer M., Woodlawn, ON

"I'm not one to who meditation comes easy.  My mind tends to be always in motion: listening to music, news, reading, planning, performing.  I bought the "Sonic Meditations for You" CD and can truthfully say that it is a wonderful and gently introduction into that "Spooky" inner world of reflective meditation.  It works.  Highly recommended."

Robaire (Lawyer, Mentalist)

"I simply positioned my body in a relaxed and comfortable position.  Dorothy's own gentle, soothing, caring and awakening voice guided me to my own personal healing spot in my body at that moment.  Such a gentle CD.  Dorothy's own experienced, soft voice on Sonic Meditations for You has become a favorite point in my daily life.  When the CD is finished, I am always feeling refreshed and I am ready to say how grateful I am for so many things in my life.  Love it!  Take your own special time in your daily life to enjoy and truly benefit from Dorothy's CD.  It is wonderful.  Dorothy's CD has truly made a positive experience in my life.  I enjoy Sonic Meditations for You every day and personally, I would not have it any other way.  Thank you, Dorothy, for being you."

Sue, Ottawa, ON

"As a small business owner, I've become no stranger to the stresses of managing your own enterprise. A few years ago, I decided to put an equal emphasis on wellness - both mental and physical - into my personal life as I do in my business' success. Sonic Meditations For You is a well produced and effective collection of audio to facilitate a sense of peace and calm in often what can be a hectic and fast paced mindset. Excellent product."

Chris Saracino, Ottawa. 

"Lovely!  Being relatively new to meditation, your perfectly paced guided meditation was very effective in helping me still my mind and connect with my heart.  Your voice is soothing and unintrusive like others I've listened to.  Dorothy, a sincere thank you for dedicating your craft to healing our world, one person, one breath at a time."

MC Lessard (Quebec, QC)

"I have been having some difficulty lately with my focus and relaxing.  My sleep has been quite sporatic and I have been feeling very anxious.  I started using some meditation techniques to help with relieving some of these issues and have found the tracks on "Sonic Meditations for you" to be a valuable tool in my goal to reduce my stress.  I have been able to really focus on the real issues and filter the extraneous out.  My relaxing and sleep have started to return and with that my anxiety has lessened.  I recommend this recording to anyone for their meditations and relaxation."

D. Hulcoop

"Upon listening to Sonic Meditations For You, I was able to quiet the 'monkey mind', the darting of troubles in my mind.  I am grateful for the direction of the CD to a calm and peaceful place from where better decisions are made.  The accompanying sounds reverberated me at a deep level."

Dorothy Garlough, MPA, RDH

"At the age of 86, meditation was never in my screen.  After listening to Sonic Meditations For You, I was completely relaxed like I had never felt before.  I was also walking better, taking the stairs one foot at a time rather than two.  My pet dog was very anxious and wanting an early dinner, hitting his nose against the bowl and barking.  I played the meditation CD for him and he immediately went to sleep and slept for 45 minutes.  Thank you for this wonderful experience if inner peace and calmness."

Dale Bradley